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Partner Links and their content:
Partner Links is not the same as an automated robot hashed link to this catalog free of charge. This involves the company details, which of course is prioritized during the search.

The catalog with search engine (according to the profile of your business):
Search keywords and description websites, searching a full-text, design of corporate design (mostly in color logos, or according to your company's web pages).

What do you get?
Higher frequency of visits to your web site. You get into people's consciousness and organizations of an unique search catalog. ""With link"" very effective manner through other czech, and globally search service. When setting up a partnership links always get first in the search results catalog. The possibility of multilingual support catalog (language selection). You do not have to worry about the data in the catalog are automatically Expanding, modified and updated. Tracking your profile (regular reports, statistics). Course, everything can deduct from taxable as advertising costs
This is not just about advertising locally, but globally used search engine.

And what are our prices?
Partner Links (details) for one year 4800,- Kc
Partner Links (details) for 6 months 2800,- Kc
+ Creating Your web advertising profile for FREE!!

If you negotiate a two paying customers who book and will pay partner link with a profile then we will set service for You completely free!!

If interested, do not hesitate to send an email

- Web profiles

Discounts for bulk ordering (more than 2 orders at a time)
+ Every 1 partner link - 25% discount from further partner link
+ Every 1 catalog profile - 25% discount from further profile

All this can be written off as an expense of the tax on advertising!

In case you are some of those offers are interested, please proceed to the user registration.
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